Instagram recently released a feature in which if you are taking a screenshot of your friend’s stories then your friends will come to know that you took a screenshot of their stories. If you don’t want your friends to know about this then Today, in this article I will be telling you the way you can simply use this method to download Instagram stories without being detected on Android.

If you will see Instagram then they are copying the features of Snapchat and this feature was first available on Snapchat and now it is available on Instagram so if you want to take screenshot of your crush or someone and don’t want them to know this is the perfect time to get some knowledge on how to download Instagram stories.

Instagram is the social networking application which is been used by millions of users and there are a lot of users leaving Snapchat and started moving to Instagram stories because it is been used by millions of users and all the famous tech YouTubers such as MKBHD is moving to Instagram Stories.

Wow. Like things weren’t already bad for Snapchat they’ve gone ahead and made a confusing update to further push people to Instagram 😂

Thinking about completely leaving Snapchat for Instagram, finally

There is a perfect reason why they are moving to Instagram stories. Today, I will tell you the way you can download Instagram live stories on your Android phone with the help of a small application. The name of the application is GBInsta.

What is GBInsta?

GBInsta is the application which allows the users to download the Instagram stories on your Android phone. If you are having an Android phone then only you can download the Instagram stories, images and videos.

This is basically a third party application which will be helping the users to download the stories and if you are afraid of account ban you don’t need to worry about it. I have worked with the application and it is working fine.

If you are having GBInsta you don’t need a rooted device to download the images, videos and stories and it’s easy as 1, 2, 3 and done you have downloaded the image and video of your friends.

Download Instagram Stories

Download Instagram Stories Without Being Detected

If you want to download the images, videos then you need to install a third-party application called as GBInsta when you will download the application then you can easily use Dual Instagram and download Instagram stories on your phone with the help of GBInsta on your phone.

When you will check out your friends stories you will see a menu button you just need to click on it and then the image, video or live video will be downloaded on your phone.

When you will download the image and video on your phone it will automatically create a folder on your phone and all the images, videos and stories will be downloaded on your phone.

Dual Instagram Apps

If you are having two Instagram accounts then this is the best application which will help you to download the stories on your phone and simultaneously use dual Instagram apps.

If you will install GBInsta on your phone then you will be having two Instagram application and you can use it however you need.

You can use the same account in both the application or if you want to use some other application then you can easily use it on your phone without rooting your phone.

How to Download Instagram Stories Without Being Detected

  • Download GBInsta on your Android phone from here: Download
  • Install the application and you might get an unknown sources warning.
  • Click on Settings.

Download Instagram Stories

  • Scroll down and enable unknown sources

Download Instagram Stories

  • Hit the back button and try installing the application again on your phone.

Download Instagram Stories

  • Open the application and login with your Instagram account.

Download Instagram Stories

  • After logging in you will see your friends stories just view it.

Download Instagram Stories

  • Click on the menu button in your stories and then you will see a download button to download the stories.

Download Instagram Stories

  • That’s it and you have successfully downloaded the Instagram stories on your phone.

Video Tutorial:

Final Verdict

This way you can download Instagram stories of your friends in few clicks and you don’t need to do some kind of rooting or Xposed Installer to download the stories on your phone.

If you will use this application then you will see that Facebook login is not working in this application. It is fine because there is an issue in changing the package name of the application. If you will uninstall facebook app then the facebook login will work absolutely fine.


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